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Capaia Wines was established in 1997 near Cape Town.
Capaia Wines
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Capaia Rosé 2017

The 2017 vintage has seen the first time that the method of “direct pressing” has been used to create this Merlot-based Rosé.

Bunches were destemmed and whole berries went directly into the press. Kept constantly under carbon dioxide gas to ensure minimum oxidation, the grapes only underwent the softest pressing stage.

The soft and short pressing ensured that only the free run juice as well as the outer pulp juice was extracted. The result: a vibrant, lively wine with an appealing colour. The aim was to achieve a “salmon pink” colour by minimising any skin contact, also known as Amiel style.

Although youthful and crisp, the wine is easy to drink and a real crowd pleaser.

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298400 17 (6 bot. of 750ml) 
298410 17 (1 bot. of 1500ml)

Producer and Ward
Capaia Wines (Pty) Ltd,
Philadelphia, South Africa

Wine Production
In accordance with the château principle, all our wines are pressed exclusively from grapes grown on Capaia territory.

100% Merlot

Analysis Data
Alcohol: 12.5 Vol%
Residual Sugar: 1.1 g/l
Total Acid: 5.6 g/l
Free SO2: 25 mg/l
pH: 3.48

Recommended Temperature
10 °C

Ageing Potential
2 – 3 years

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